The Stable Group
The Stable is a regionally based consulting company, firmly fixed in its pursuit to leave a lasting legacy of change.  The company maintains a significant panel of expert consultants and is readily able to tailor a range of specific services required by the client.

Individually or in combination, the Stable is able to demonstrate an impressive record of success in: Defence Industry, Policy and Organisation; Government relations; Engineering and Project Management; Communications and Information Technology; Transport, Freight and Logistics; Aviation and Maritime operations; Health Policy, Protection and Response; and Infrastructure Projects including Water, Energy, Railways and Fuel.

Many of these experiences have been gained through military and commercial operations at the highest levels.
With over 150 years combined experience serving public and private industry sectors we safeguard the health and safety of our community and the environment through the highest level of technical and scientific skills, with well-practiced business sense that we work together with our clients.

At EnviroScience Solutions, we carry out specialised occupational and environmental testing to evaluate and measure a product or system’s performance, reliability, and safety in various environmental conditions (such as, temperature extremes, humidity, vibration, noise, and exposure to chemicals and /or dust and fibres or microbial airborne contaminants). By conducting thorough environmental testing during the design and assessment phase, it ensures the product, system or workplace process can withstand the conditions it may encounter in its intended environment, and it complies with regulatory health, safety and environmental standards.


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